The neighbor's house is burning
With flames that rise so fast and mean
The white folks run with empty buckets
And tears of gasoline
I hang my head and blame the others
With a match stick in my teeth

The neighborhood is flooded
Still every day the stakes just rise
But if I could I'd dam the waters
And curse the open skies
I'd drain the lakes and streams of credit
And I'd watch those ink stains dry

I never thought that as the streets got shined
The money and the time could change the course
When better's for the worst
When better's for the worst

But now I fear for a tiny slice of pie
I became that guy, I became that guy, that guy, that guy
That's just the way, the glory and the shame
The agents of the change

Now there's a wall around the courtyard
So tall no gypsy thieves might climb
But what's the point of castle towers
With all your friends outside
So fill the moat with beer and pretzels
I'm climbing down tonight

Copyright 2018. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.