Jesus is my savior
Buddha is my guide
And Moses brought the law from Sinai
By my blood I'm to abide

Krishna leads my dances
Vishnu holds my many hands
And Darwin helps me off my pedestal
And makes this monkey stand

Dylan wrote my bible
And taught me not to read
The New Age sings the songs of healing
As they watch their fingers bleed

I've got the same clues I've always had
I search therefore I am
There always was beginning
And there always will be end

If I believed in sinning
I'd be a sinner true
Cause if something's wrong it's something still
And I'd live with what I knew

If I believed in Salvation
In grace I would be saved
If I believed that roads led places
I'd have laid mine straight and paved

If I believed in people
In the virtue of the climb
And that knowledge transcends stomaches
Then I might believe in mine

If I believed in loneliness
I'd throw a party for myself
I'd throw out all my trophies
And I'd live with empty shelves

If I believed in connections
To full embrace another soul
Well love and friendship's touch is warm
But it does not fill this hole

If I believed in believing
I'd close the doors and draw the shades
And forget I was just passing through
But it seems to late to stay

Well I believe in believing
It answers its own doubts
Why, how come, what for -- shut up
That's not what it's about

Copyright 1999. Words and music by Danny Schmidt