He was black and they were blue
The colors of a bruise
The colors of another brother
That's choking on the truth

And so tonight the street's on fire
Cause that's the candlelight required
That's the holy cost of tape and chalk
That's the crying of the choir

Tell me why, there's another
Tell me why, in all this time
We're still defined by color
Tell me why

Tell me when, can the humble hearts of men bend
Bend and bow, and vow to disavow
Well tell me how,
Then tell me when

He was black and they were white
A cost without a price
A senseless flood of black men's blood
Now it's time to shed some light

And so tonight the streets are red
Marking every crooked bend
One by one the march goes on
Delivering the dead


Cause I don't believe that victims go to heaven when they die
Their stuck here as reflections in our eyes
And of all the false confessions swearing that we've tried
They're the voice of silence asking when, and the voice that answers why

He was black and they were blue
The colors of abuse
The colors of another mother
Who's choked up on the news

And so we fight for streets of gold
Like we were promised and were told
To crown thy good with brotherhood
From soul to shining soul.
Tell me why.

Copyright 2020. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.