Hold my hand, the leaves are burning
The leaves are burning, now hold my hand
Face the breeze of pages turning
The page is turning, now hold my hand

Close my eyes to watch the ocean
I watch the ocean and I close my eyes
Rise and fall of blind emotion
I fight the notion and I close my eyes

Clench my teeth to taste tomorrow
I taste tomorrow and I clench my teeth
Take today what once was borrowed
Until tomorrow, I’ll just clench my teeth

Stuff my ears, the bells are ringing
The bells keep ringing, now stuff my ears
I look around but no one hears them
No one hears them but the damn bells still ring

Spill my lungs of dirt and fury
Cause dirt and fury have filled my lungs
Kick my feet and spit my story
Of rage and glory, come clear my lungs

Tie me down to trees and mountains
Tie me tight and tie me strong
Bring me food then bring me down
When the fire’s all cleared and the smoke’s all gone

Copyright 2007. Words and music by Danny Schmidt