I woke up this morning and I realized
That I owned everything -- I owned everything
I owned all the air in the world
And all the house too
And all the TVs and Landrovers
And all of Jupiter's moons
Well that's a lot to be owning

So I shared it all -- I shared it with everyone
I'm a good sharer you know -- I guess I learned that young
Shared some land over here, and some food over there
I divvied it all away, tried my best to be fair
Inevitably though, there were inequities though
I mean that certain folks got to use more of my stuff
lots more of my stuff...
Mostly rich people

Yeah I woke up this morning and I realized
That I owned everything -- everything
Ain't it funny how sometimes you just wake
Up in the morning and find that everything's changed

Like going to sleep after a really big fight
And wakin' up in the morning scared to open your eyes
But you look over there -- there she is over there
And oh my god, what the hell, something you dreamed
must've been kinda funny to her cause she's grinning
She's just grinning at you

Or like when Kafka woke up -- woke up in the morning
And all of a sudden, without any warning
He looked in the mirror, saw his worst morning fears
Yeah Kafka -- he was a cockroach... a giant one...
a giant Czechoslovakian allegorical yucky-ass sorta
cockroach.. that must have really sucked for him

Kinda makes you scared to wake up
Wake up in the morning
When things have been going OK
And you've gotten no warning
But it all goes to show
That there's just one thing you know
You just never know

But when you wake up in the morning
And she grinning at you
And you're not a giant cockroach even
And you own everything
Don't it make you feel
Yeah don't it make you feel
Kinda lucky.

Copyright 1999. Words and music by Danny Schmidt