This morning I woke up to dark clouds
Stretched as far as my poor eyes could see
Well why, dear God, are horizons so close
But always ahead of me

Cold words hit sharp like the raindrops
And collect in a dammed-up hole
Well the day has come when the dam is bust open
With a force drowning men can't control

Tonight I'm gonna grab me a bottle
And go walking and drinking alone
Tonight I'm singing all the sad songs I know
Until I can't find my way home

Time just wanders on aimless
Like a tired and stubborn old man
Who's always thinking that things
will be different next time
When he comes across kinder land

And Jesus done built his own cross
Lord, looks like I'm building mine
But Jesus Christ had connections in heaven
I'll have to wait in line


When I'm walking I feel like I'm going somewhere
And you know whiskey will always agree
And behind every sad song a poor man is crying
Softly with his arm around me


Copyright 1999. Words and music by Danny Schmidt