There’s two guitars on the sofa, but we’re out in the yard
That’s the story of the summer, working some and playing hard
Grab the frisbee and the cell phone, getting dizzy by design
Playing catch to catch the sunshine, talking trash to pass the time

About that little group of people in the baby pool of pride
Taking turns at playing Neptune til the day our ship arrives
Til we paint our masterpiece, until our masterpiece is sold
We’ll light the lighthouse fire and stand tight to fight the cold

Giant leaps of heresy
Or baby steps towards infamy
All I know is what’s good for you
Is good for you and me

Sometimes I think that you’re the ship and I’m the anchor chain
And the anchor’s this belief I have that the sea ain’t worth a damn
You say the drink is deep with treasure, but the party’s on the boat
So let the mermaids flirt with mermaids til the barmaids all say no

You and I’ve been playing mirror, making pretty and making sure
Making casas into su casas, so I wrote a song of yours
I’ve owed you one for quite some time, but I’m borrowing one right now
So we’ll say it’s fair and call it square, we’re both broke anyhow

A crossroads, but how to choose
With nothing but our souls to lose
All I know is what’s good for me
Is good for me and you

So I’m sorry that it took so long to sit back down to write
Well the lightning just struck the power lines, so it’s strangely calm tonight
And I think I hear my heart beat, doing triplets kinda slow
And I can hear the space that’s left in case you’re here to tap your toes

Lastly this goes back to you. How does it feel? Oh goodness grief
It’s like my name’s been scrawled in fresh concrete, and finished in gold leaf
And there’s a sparkle in my eyeball now, where the sunlight strikes the gold
And I ain’t been feeling much these days, so that says a lot I s’pose

A radio that haws and hems
The bullshit of the best of friends
All I know is what’s good for us
Is good enough for them

Copyright 2010. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.