Don't look back, they're right behind you
Sent to find you, bring you home
But words are hooks in hearts and minds
So you can't close your eyes and hide
And just hope they'll go away

Careful that the words don't choose you
Tell your tongue to step where you do
Cause when the wolves of doubt come growling
And confusion sets your mind to howling
Your mouth just runs away

Don't you cry you're only human
All consumed and all too proud
But now's the time while wounds are open
To go and mend the bones you've broken
And the messes that you've made

Letters have a way of spilling
Ink stains from a cloud of feelings
Kneel before the fount of reason
Say a prayer for one clear season
While the goddess screams amen

Every step's as light as feathers
Every crumb's a clue
And every word might last forever
Best they all be true

Don't despair, they're there to guide you
Fireflies that dare to light you
Words are hooks in hearts and minds
They're the hoof prints through the sands of time
As they lead you by the ears

Copyright 2018. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.