Fine Art Print

I'm very pleased to announce the first in a series of artistic collaborations with brilliant print artist, Dan Grissom, to match some of my favorite lyrics with orginal illustrations to produce fine art screen printed posters.

We've chosen to start with Company Of Friends because it's one that reflects my own values perhaps more than any other. And we thought it would make a lovely token and symbol of friendship to hang on the wall. And stay tuned . . . we've got plans in the coming months for prints inspired by the songs: This Too Shall Pass, Standard Deviation, and Stained Glass.

Each poster is 16 x 20" 5-color screen printed by hand on 100 lb paper, is signed by the artist, and is available in two versions, a light version and dark version. They are truly stunning in person!

As a holiday gift suggestion, I'm bundling the poster with either the album Little Grey Sheep (which contains my version of Company Of Friends), or with the album For Keeps (which contains Carrie's version of the song). Or I'll bundle them ALL together if you want the whole set. Bundles get special discount pricing.