1970 - Danny is born in Austin, TX, weighing 6lbs 8oz and with noticably long fingers.
1983 - Danny buys his first guitar with his Bar Mitzvah money.
1990 - Danny buys his first acoustic guitar after obsessing on Mississippi John Hurt's music.
1993 - Danny drops out of college and moves to East Wind Community in the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri.
1994 - Danny writes his very first song, Cliff Song.
1995 - Danny moves to Twin Oaks Community in central Virginia.
1998 - Danny moves to Charlottesville, VA and begins performing live.
1999 - Danny records his first album, Live At The Prism Coffeehouse.
2001 - Danny records his second album, Enjoying The Fall.
2002 - Danny begins to tour some around the U.S.
2003 - Danny records his third album, Make Right The Time.
2004 - Danny moves back to Austin, TX.
2004 - Danny puts music on hold for a year while dealing with a health crisis.
2005 - Danny releases his fourth album, Parables & Primes, and begins performing again.
2005 - Danny begins touring and playing music full time.
2005 - Danny has his first international tour, and begins touring in Europe.
2007 - Danny meets Carrie Elkin at the Folk Alliance Conference.
2007 - Danny releases his fifth album, Little Grey Sheep on Waterbug Records.
2007 - Danny is one of the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Award winners.
2008 - Danny signs with Red House Records.
2009 - Danny releases his sixth album, Instead The Forest Rose To Sing on Red House Records.
2011 - Danny releases his seventh album, Man Of Many Moons on Red House Records.
2012 - Danny begins touring with Carrie Elkin as a duo.
2013 - Danny proposes to Carrie at SXSW in Austin, TX.
2014 - Danny and Carrie release their first duo album, For Keeps on Red House Records.
2015 - Danny releases his eighth solo album, Owls.
2016 - Danny's daughter Maizy Rae Schmidt is born! He vows never to sleep a full night ever again, and for the first time in his life has a legit justification for the madness in his head and the love in his heart.
2019 - Danny releases his ninth solo album, Standard Deviation.